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The Holistic Security Mindset

Why it's essential


Security professionals often work in silos: cyber, physical, locks, CCTV… criminals don’t!

Criminals work in teams of specialists: hackers, burglars, fraudsters, whoever they need to get the job done. Vulnerabilities are often exploited by combining different attack surfaces, e.g. burglars will install malware directly to an organisation’s computers which will later be exploited by their hackers.

That’s why a holistic approach to security is crucial to identifying real-world threats. By combining multiple perspectives in integrated teams; penetration testing, red teaming and human hacking become more than the sum of the parts. Findings can then be integrated into a strategy which includes digital, physical and human solutions including bespoke staff training.

Why Now?

Increasing collaborations between organised crime and hackers, the developing Internet of Things and the growth of big data have made holistic security an essential weapon in the arms race against criminals.

WFF and Holistic Security

The holistic approach is built into every part of We Fight Fraud. Our ability to combine hard to reach intelligence about current threats with knowledge from different sectors makes WFF’s testing and training uniquely valuable.

You need multiple perspectives to see the whole object
Only multiple viewpoints can reveal the whole picture.
WFF HTA description
HTA Information Sheet


Our Holistic Threat Asssessment provides a real-world appraisal of how criminals can attack your business; as assessed from multiple perspectives.

Although it includes similar assessments to other ‘penetration test’ or ‘red team’ products, the HTA delivers far more than generic products.

WFF 48 Hour HTA description
HTA48 Information Sheet


The HTA48 could show you within 48 hours that your organisation looks like a soft target to a variety of bad actors.

Why do you need to know? If it doesn’t look like a soft target, most criminals will quicky move on, but if it does, you should seek advice and take action. 

WFF HTA case studies-1
Case Studies Info Sheet


This document discusses case studies from previous Holistic Threat Assessments which illustrate the power and effectiveness of this approach to testing.

  • Wealth Management
  • Retail
  • Money Services
WFF Training
WFF Training Info Sheet


At We Fight Fraud we understand that you need to fulfil your legal training requirements, but our courses are designed to far exceed simply ticking a box. At the same time as helping you to meet your obligations our training helps you and your staff to identify, understand and manage your risk from financial crime.